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You might know Chrissy Teigen for her witticisms on Twitter, but we advise you to head to your latest bookstore (or Amazon, we won't judge) to search for her name, because she's also a damn good cookbook author.

Teigen has shared her food intel with the world before, but in her second cookbook, she amps it up a little. Cravings: Hungry for More (amazon.com, $21) comes out Sept. 18, but ahead of the release, we've pored over the pages for the inside scoop (no pun intended) on Teigen's life. And food.

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Here are 5 things we learned about Teigen by following along with her recipes.

1. She joked that she wanted to name her son after her late dog, Puddy.

Alright, this one is less from the cookbook itself and more from the acknowledgements section in the back, but it's a fun fact, nonetheless.

"To my Puddy in dog heaven, our first born pup: I think about you every day. We will miss you always. John won't let me name baby boy after you. Just know I tried," she wrote.

Come on John. We love the name "Miles," but Puddy Legend Stephens is New Age-y in a whole different way.

2. She created a taco salad recipe using Doritos ... inspired by a visit to Taco Bell HQ.

Apparently Taco Bell and Teigen are two peas in a pod, because Teigen attended the Taco Bell Friendsgiving one year, and she took a lot of lessons home from their kitchen. It was there that she fell in love with the restaurant chain's Doritos Locos Taco, and now she's got a salad of her own that calls for Cool Ranch Doritios.

Full circle moment.

3. She opens up about how cooking has helped her recover from postpartum depression.

Teigen has been refreshingly open about the postpartum depression she had after welcoming Luna, and in her new cookbook's introduction, she takes time to explain how getting back into the kitchen helped her heal.

"Cooking has always been my safe haven, even when things around me are changing at warp speed," she wrote. "So I hope this book is as stabilizing and filling a force in your life as the making of it was for me."

4. She includes recipes that take less than 30 minutes and use 3-5 ingredients, for all the parents out there.

Now that she's a mom of two, Teigen clearly made an effort to include things that any stressed parent (or college student) could handle. What made the lineup this time? John Legend's 3-ingredient peanut butter pretzel granola clusters, parmesan chicken dinners that take 30 minutes to make, 5-ingredient salt-and-vinegar French fries, and "ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT RECIPES IN MY LIFE." (Spoiler: it's tom yum noodles).

5. She and Luna wear matching avocado-print onesies at one point.

Seriously, this by itself is enough for you to go out and buy the book right now.