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Marianne Mychaskiw
May 19, 2015 @ 3:45 pm

While hosting the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, Chrissy Teigen made major wardrobe swaps at five different points throughout the ceremony, and surprisingly, she was planning to do even more. "I actually went into it with the idea of changing every single time I went onstage, but then you get more and more nervous, so you start to become less and less concerned about your outfit and hair changes, and more concerned about being able to hit these jokes, or even make it out there on time!" she tells InStyle. Ultimately, five became the running number for the show, with the sheer pantsuit and robe combo ranking at the top of her favorites. "I wore these sheer black Balmain pants with a bodysuit—basically a swimsuit—with this long robe, and that was so comfortable, I loved it," Teigen says. "It's fun to get dressed up and wear a gown, but it also feels nice to come out in something different and be a little cool for once."

The star, who has partnered with Acuvue to front the 1-Day Define Lenses in Natural Shine, said she was less focused on everything going on in the audience (oh hello, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris), and more focused on keeping the front row entertained. "I think the hardest part is getting that core group right in front of you to laugh. They're the talent, they've done a million of these, and everyone else is excited to see them, so if you can accomplish making the front row laugh, you're doing it right."

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Of course, Teigen ended her night in a fashion as fabulous as her many wardrobe changes. "I remember getting into the car and someone handed me a boozy popsicle, and I was living for it, so I ate that on the way to the hotel," she says. "We drove around, danced, and then when we went upstairs, I ordered spaghetti, chicken tenders, a BLT, then fell asleep before it even arrived. It was like my wedding night!" A woman after our own hearts, indeed. 

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