A bold move.


You may not want to bring this up at the Thanksgiving table, but one of the most divisive things that can happen just went down on Chrissy Teigen's head: she got bangs. Love 'em or hate 'em, Teigen's fresh fringe made its debut in her Instagram Stories, though E! News captured the image so that you can bring it to your stylist when you manage to get away from the holiday buzz.

In her Story, Teigen is still sitting in the salon, with blowdryers and hands all over the place as she says, "I do love it." It's proof that Teigen goes through the same debate as everyone else. To bang or not to bang? And just like many people who've gotten the trim, she instantly regretted it, saying, "Someone talk me out of it."

Marie Claire notes that her second statement could be a hint as to the bangs' permanence. They could be convincing clip-ins from stylist Shay Halaly Ziv, who she tagged in her Story. Until we see a follow-up, there's no way to be certain.

Teigen has had bangs in the past, but this choppy, wispy look is new. In the past, her fringe has been bold and blunt. Today's face-framing length and lighter color are new moves for the star.

She's also sported super-long lengths, shorter bobs, and experimented with color. She's used extensions, ahem, extensively, too, even popping them in to scare her husband during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While she isn't planning on having a big, over-the-top Thanksgiving with her family, Teigen just gave the rest of us something to talk about.