Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Can Walk in Heels Better Than All of Us

Do you remember your first pair of heels?

It appears that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen aren’t wasting any time introducing their super-cute 1-year-old daughter Luna to the world of fashion. Yes, Teigen, also InStyle’s November cover star, is literally a model, so we’d expect her to teach her a thing or two.

But as we just learned, Luna has more than mom to turn to for style tips.

On Friday, Teigen’s mom and Luna’s grandmother Vilailuck Teigen took to Instagram to share a funny video of her granddaughter teeter-tottering in heels. In the clip, you can see and hear her confidently march atop the wooden floor better than some of the best runway models we’ve seen.

So whose shoes are they? If you listen closely, it sounds like mom Chrissy and John are in the room. We can hear John’s deep, goofy laugh, and a woman (with a voice that’s very similar to Chrissy's) says, “You look so cute, Luna!” and, “You’re in trouble!”

If we ever need tips for mastering the art of walking in inches-high shoes, we know exactly who to turn to.

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