Baby Luna Has Some Serious Dance Moves

No word yet on whether Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter has inherited her dad’s musical chops, but there’s one thing we do know: girl can dance. (She may have gotten it from her former cheerleader mama.)

The adorable 14-month-old got her groove on with grandma Vilailuck, and Chrissy was quick to capture the moment and share it with her Instagram followers.

“Get it, girl!” Teigen captioned the video of her baby girl, clad in the sweetest pair of baggy floral shorts.

“Dance! Dance! Dance!” Grandma Teigen chants in the background of the video while her granddaughter bobs up and down, Chrissy’s laughter heard off camera.

Luna seems pretty excited by the attention from mom and grandma, but judging by the video’s final moments, we think it might be naptime.

Here are some cute photos to hold us over while we await Luna’s next performance:


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