Chris Pratt
Credit: Allen Berezovsky/Getty

Chris Pratt is the king of keeping it real and his latest press tour is further proof. On Friday the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star posted a video to Instagram of his ingenious way to combat armpit stains: He employs his stylist to blow-dry them away.

“I’m here with Annie, who’s my stylist but also works as a part-time pit dryer. She uses the old Dyson blow-drier to get that tit sweat gone,” he jokes in the video. Apparently, even in a black T-shirt, his sweat was too bad to ignore. And judging by his caption, it traveled even further than just his pits.

“Next time… Put the deodorant under the man boobs. Getting all heated up and passionate about #gotgvol2,” he joked. Come on Chris—we all know you’re hiding some serious muscles under that tee.

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Of course, these are far from his only antics while promoting the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. On Wednesday, his wife Anna Faris hilariously live-tweeted him getting ready for the movie’s L.A. premiere. When the two finally arrived, they nailed the awkward prom pose on the red carpet and solidified their role as our favorite funny Hollywood couple.

Chris, please keep the 'grams coming.