Chris Pratt
Credit: Frederick Brown/Getty Images

It's official: We want Chris Pratt to be our personal Instagram caption writer.

The actor took to the platform today to prove once again that his social media account is the place to go when you need a good laugh, and spoofed his most recent photoshoot by poking fun at himself in the best possible way.

He shared a series of pictures from his new spread in Vanity Fair, including an image of the cover that shows him chest-deep in water he described as "cold AF." In the lengthy caption, the Passengers star debated the spelling of the word "newsstands" before asking if it would be "douchey" to post more photos from the shoot—and apparently he answered his own question.

He quickly followed up his initial post with several more shots that were featured inside the magazine. "Here's me warming up after having to be in that freakin' cold ass water forever," he wrote alongside a snap of himself sitting next to an outdoor fire before giving some background on a picture that shows him leaning against a racecar. "Here's me waiting for the photo shoot to start. I was like, 'well guys, I'll just chill over here by my race car and rub my neck real quick. You know what I'm sayin'.'"

He then put up a 'gram that depicts him holding a bottle of beer. "I remember drinking this beer at the photo shoot and it tasted so good," he wrote next to the post. "Which reminds me of the time my friend from work went out with me for beer at this place on sunset about 17 years ago and brought a pitcher to the table and I said, 'What beer is that? No wait don't tell me. Let me guess.' And I sipped it. 'Newcastle!' He was like, 'Yah that's right...That's probably not a good sign Chris.'"

And finally, he finished up the spree with an image of himself "casually sniffing" his knuckles.

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But this isn't the first time that Pratt has had the best response to being photographed. In fact, it's become somewhat of a pattern—the 37-year-old posted a similar set of behind-the-scenes photos and descriptions on Instagram when he was featured in InStyle magazine last year.

Talk about pure gold.