By Olivia Bahou
Sep 20, 2016 @ 4:15 pm

Chris Pratt is looking fitter than ever after dropping 60 pounds in just six months for Guardians of the Galaxy, but even he is the first to admit that he misses the cuddly Pratt we knew and loved on Parks and Rec. InStyle’s September Man of Style stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and joked about the possible return of “Fat Pratt.”

“I know you’re a big action star now and you’ve talked about getting in shape, but I kind of miss ‘Fat Pratt.’ Do you miss him at all?” Colbert asked. “Yeah, I do, and my wife [Anna Faris] does too!” Pratt said.

“She likes to cook and I don’t get to eat as much of her cooking as I used to. Yeah, I miss him,” he said. Although he’s happy with his fit figure, he joked that “Fat Pratt” could one day make a comeback.

“He’s not gone forever … He’s just on vacation for a couple of years, but he’s coming back,” Pratt joked.

No matter what size, we’re so in love with this hunky star. Click through to InStyle’s September Man of Style feature for even more from the Hollywood heartthrob.