Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence - Lead
Credit: prattprattpratt/Instagram

We don't blame Chris Pratt for wanting to take back a bit of the limelight when he's around his charismatic Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence. After all, this is J.Law we're talking about.

So when the Parks and Recreation alum finally got a few selfies with the Oscar-winning actress and went on a subsequent Instagram posting spree, the actor literally couldn't resist making the photos all about him, and the results are completely hilarious.

"Finally got that selfie with Jen y'all wanted. #passengersmovie," the 37-year-old cheekily 'grammed in response to fan requests. Pratt is featured front and center smizing for the camera, while Jen ... Well, we can make out about a third of her face in the corner.

Lawrence's appearances in the press tour selfies continued to progressively deteriorate as the day went on, with us seeing about half of the actress's body in a group photo with YouTube personality El Rubius and just her back in another selfie, which Pratt hilariously captioned, "Just hanging with my bestie Jen. #passengersmovie."

After a while, the actor was ready to drop all pretenses of trying to include the Hunger Games star in his feed, writing, "#passengersmovie press tour is officially underway. I cropped #JenniferLawrence out of this picture," alongside a selfie of him posing against the Eiffel Tower with his co-star nowhere in sight. Ouch!

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Something tells us J.Law has her own prank up her sleeve!