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Olivia Bahou
Apr 06, 2016 @ 11:00 am

When your dad is a rock star, your birthday celebrations might be a little more elaborate than just a pizza party. Moses Martin, 10, found that out on Tuesday night when his dad, Chris Martin, brought him on stage during Coldplay’s concert in Lima, Peru, to celebrate his birthday a few days early.

Mom Gwyneth Paltrow captured the whole thing from backstage, as the adorable 10-year-old made his way in front of the crowd to roaring applause. He shared a sweet hug with his superstar dad as someone walked onto the stage behind him with a birthday cake. “When your dad wishes you an early 10th birthday at work…” Paltrow captioned the video.

When your dad wishes you an early 10th birthday at work...#coldplaylima

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Suddenly our 10th birthday bowling party is looking way less cool. Happy early birthday, Moses!

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