By Kelsey Glein
Feb 15, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

Need a hump day pick-me-up? Let us offer you this smokin' hot video of a shirtless Chris Hemsworth.

The sexy Australian actor is back as the not-so-great to live with Thor in a new “Where Are They Now?” clip from Team Thor: Part 2, the next chapter in the hilarious Marvel series that shows us what our favorite superheroes are up to now.

The Avenger's roommate Darryl is also back in the LOL-worthy clip, which features the pair arguing over rent money. The God of Thunder still doesn't have a real job, making it impossible for him to come up with the means to pay his share of the rent—something his rooommate isn't so happy about. Apparently, Thor doesn't quite understand that Asgardian coins, a pumpkin, or a variety of antique trinkets have no real value on earth. When Darryl suggests that the he get a job, the muscled star laughs in his face and tells him he has a job—saving the planet.

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Watch the clip above, and prepare to laugh.

Check out the full Team Thor: Part 2 as part of the bonus features for Doctor Strange on digital HD, DVD, and Blu-ray now.