This "Miracle" Gave Chris Hemsworth the Greatest Day of His Life

Chris Hemsworth Basketball - LEAD
Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Leave it to Chris Hemsworth to make the almost impossible look completely effortless.

The Aussie hunk appeared to have channeled his character Thor's divine hammer-throwing abilities when he tried his hand at making a full court basketball shot with one hand—and miraculously succeeded.

Lucky for us, a friend documented the moment. In an Instagram video shared to the actor's account on Friday, Hemsworth stands at one end of a basketball court and launches the ball across the length of the room. The ball sinks through the hoop and the actor cannot hide his shock and excitement. Excited yelling and even a celebratory floor roll ensue and the Ghostbusters star jumps around with his friends and then holds up his pointer fingers in the air while shouting, "Yes, Yes!"

To further reinforce the enormity of the momentous occasion, the 33-year-old wrote in the caption for the short video, "Greatest day of my life #miracle." Watch it all go down here:

Is there anything the Thor: Ragnarok heartthrob can't do? Either way, one thing's certain: Hemsworth's dreamboat status isn't going anywhere.

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