By Jennifer Davis
Updated Nov 14, 2017 @ 8:30 pm

Get ready to do a double-take. Today, Liam Hemsworth posted a photo of his parents in honor of his mom's birthday, and while that is super sweet in and of itself, we were very distracted by how much his dad looks like Liam's older brother, actor Chris Hemsworth.

In the the photo, his mom looks gorgeous in a white lace dress as she's about to cut the cake on her wedding day, while her new husband stands next to her with has his eys closed mid-laugh. His face may be scrunched up, but it's clear that he's a dead ringer for his oldest son, Chris.

"Happy birthday to my beautiful mum! Not sure what dads doin here but I Love u mum you’re the best! Dad you’re an idiot," Liam wrote alongside the 'gram.

Maybe it's the beard, which we've seen Chris sport a time or two, or maybe it's the long Thor-like hair, but one thing's for certain: They could be twins!

While we definitely think he looks most like Chris, since the Hemsworth genes are very strong, he also resembles his youngest son Liam, too. Regardless, it's clear that good looks definitely run in the family.