When Chris Evans and Jenny Slate split early this year, our hearts broke a little, but the two seemed to encompass the term "ex goals" pretty well. They reunited often, they absolutely gushed over each other (seriously, how cute was Chris calling Jenny his "favorite human"), and they weren't afraid to get honest about how much they still cared about each other.

Luckily for the world, though, they've turned "ex goals" into just "goals," because People reports that the two are back on. Be still our hearts.

Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The two are back together, and it's the best news we've heard all day (and yes that includes Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran's upcoming duet). The actors broke up in February after dating for nine months, but things have been hinting at a romantic reconciliation for a while now.

According to People, Slate helped Evans look for a new Tribeca apartment earlier this week, and witnesses said sparks were flying between the two. They looked happy and “very much back together” during the outing, a witness told the outlet.

Evans posted a video of his dog Dodger earlier this month, and a giggle was audible in the background. And according to fans, it wasn't just any laugh—it was Jenny Slate's.

And eyebrows started raising when Slate referenced her "boyfriend" on Twitter a few weeks ago.

"My boyfriend does many dreamy&generous things but number 1 in my mind right now is how he celebrates my new turtlenecks/let’s me show him my online shopping spoils&cheers me on," she wrote.

Like we said, total relationship goals.