Chris Evans Tells Us About His First Fragrance Memories, and What Captain America Would Smell Like

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As the face of Gucci's new Guilty Eau scent, Chris Evans has certainly come a long way since his very first baby steps into the fragrance world, which came courtesy of his father back when he was 12. "I think I might have stolen my dad's Drakkar out of the bathroom, and then when I was 13, a girlfriend gave me a bottle of Abercrombie or something like that," he tells us, noting chlorine and exhaust from the tail end of a school bus as two other nostalgic scents with ties to his memory. "It's insane, the exhaust from a school bus brings back so many wonderful memories and terrifying memories at the same time for me. You miss the nostalgic aspect of going to school, but at the same time, school was pretty terrifying!"

Evans has fronted quite a few campaigns for the label considering he's been one of their famous faces since 2009, and though he admits his sense of smell isn't the greatest, he's learned a thing or two about his personal tastes in fragrance. Most importantly, how much is too much. "You gotta do the spray and walk through," he says of his application method. "Two sprays, walk through, then leave it alone. You don't wanna cross the line and smell too much like a cologne, otherwise it's overwhelming." Boys, take note!

Evans likens the scents he favors on a woman to picking out clothes, stating it isn't a one-size-fits-all deal. "It may sound strange, but it's all about how you wear it. If you can commit to the scent and make it work for you, then it works for you," he tells us. Judging by the steamy campaign below, which he stars in alongside Evan Rachel Wood, we're willing to bet that the Gucci Guilty for women ranks pretty high on his list.

With the release of the much-anticipated Captain America: Civil War a few months away (not that we're counting down to May 7, or anything...), we just had to ask—what does the great Steve Rogers smell like? "He smells like bar soap for sure," Evans says. "Captain America smells like bar soap and clean laundry." Like a true patriot, of course.

Click play on the video to see Evans's steamy Gucci ad in full (above), and check out the print campaign (below).

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