Chris Brown Commented on Rihanna's Instagram and Fans Shut Him Down

Can you not?

After Rihanna's spectacular Savage x Fenty fashion show on Amazon Prime, Chris Brown did what we all did — he tracked down more Rihanna content. But Brown has a history with Rihanna that's well-documented, so when he hit up her comments section on Instagram multiple times, fans were understandably shaken. According to Cosmopolitan, fans responded with fiery comments of their own, telling Brown to lay off and remove himself from Rihanna's feed.

Brown and Rihanna have, to put it lightly, a rocky history. They dated from 2008 to 2009 and broke up after he assaulted her. Cosmo notes that after the incident, he was sentenced to "180 days of community service and five years of probation" before the two of them briefly reconnected in 2013. The pair worked together and eventually parted ways for good, which is why the smirking-face emoji that he left in her comments left a bad taste in many fans' mouths. In addition to that particular emoji, he added "I wanna be the lamp," in another and left a third of the blushing-face emoji.

Rihanna Sighting In Seoul
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The Navy, Rihanna's die-hard fans, clapped right back, telling Brown to step away. With more than 20,000 comments on Ri's post, here are a few that make it very clear that not many people want to see the two stars connect on any level, virtual or real.

"Leave her alone you sick."

"You need help lol."

"Don’t you fucking dare man."



"Are you fucking serious?"

Some of Rihanna's followers found it strange that she (or whoever runs her social media channels) hasn't blocked Brown. And this isn't the first time he's tried to catch her attention via comment. Back in 2017, he posted a set of emoji eyes to a post that showed RiRi at 2017's Crop Over Festival.

That comment earned a similar response, but it just goes to show that Brown's not learning anything from the deluge of negative opinion. With Rihanna's new music dropping soon and her making headlines with her beauty and fashion lines, Brown may be commenting more and more.

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