By Andrea Cheng
Updated Nov 03, 2014 @ 2:47 pm
Credit: Instagram/jfisherjewelry

Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher has made a name for herself for dreaming up simple-yet-unique designs, like personalized pendants, architecturally beautiful cuffs, reverse chokers, and stackable rings. But it's her eye for staying true to classics while pinpointing on-trend styles that has won her widespread recognition—her coveted pieces have found fans in a number of celebs, including Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, and Zoe Saldana.

And Fisher has done it again with one of her spring/summer 2015 designs: a cool anklet-choker hybrid that she adoringly dubbed the "choklet" (above) on Instagram.

"The design came from our choker theme that has been so popular—customers were asking for modern anklets and the chain wasn't working in my idea of modern," Fisher tells InStyle of how the piece came to fruition. "It just made sense to call it a 'choklet,' given it's a choker for your ankle. It was originally a joke in the office but it stuck."

In a happy marriage between something old and something new, the designer unexpectedly coupled next season's piece with a pair of classic Stan Smiths, a retro sneak that came to light in 1971 and has remained a classic ever since—though, there's been a marked resurgence of popularity as of late, thanks to the athleisure trend. Fisher reveals that she's also been wearing the modern anklet with Stella McCartney creepers and Prada brogues, styling them with an oversize slouchy knit with denim skinnies, cuffed jeans, or below-the-knee pencils. (Tomorrow's work outfit? Done.)

Just last week, Rashida Jones stepped out onto the red carpet and accessorized her pumps with—what do you know—a beaded anklet. While an anklet is, by no means, a novel accessory, a sleek gilded choklet manages to push it well into the 21st century. Plus, it looks like an elevated play on fashion's on-going ankle-strap shoe trend.

So, is the choklet the next big thing? Jones may not be wearing one now, but she could very well be in six months time. We guess, time will tell.