Chloë Sevigny shares the story behind her favorite dress of all time.

Chloe Sevigny 
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During my senior year I was super-alternative. It was 1993, and I had a shaved head, a nose ring, and a very androgynous way of dressing. Basically, I was a real weirdo at my conservative Connecticut high school.

But for some reason I wanted to wear something elegant to my senior prom. So I started looking through some of the dresses my mom had saved from her school dances, and I was immediately drawn to this one because of its unusual shape. Turns out, it was also the dress my mom wore to her prom in the '60s.

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I got excited because I knew nobody else at school would have a dress like it. And my mom got even more excited because I finally wanted to wear something feminine. It had no label or lining in it, but it fit me perfectly when I tried it on. Somehow it felt classic and modern at the same time.

When my mom wore the dress, she accessorized with low pumps and a high updo. My take included a homemade velvet choker, stockings, a garter belt, and these perfect velvet heels (they weren't right for spring, but I loved them anyway).

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My date, Joey, dressed a little more traditional, but he had red tips in his hair, so he brought a bit of alternative too. We had a great night dancing. A lot of people rag on prom, but I always thought it was meaningful. It was like my very own Pretty in Pink moment.

—As told to Jennifer Ferrise

Sevigny stars in Lizzie, in theaters September 14.

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