chloe sevigny x madewell
Credit: BFA - John Salangsang

Shopping the next new thing doesn't always feel like the most socially sustainable activity, but now there's a new program that may just change that paradigm.

The queen of blue jeans, Chloe Sevigny, teamed up with Madewell to spread the word on the brand’s denim recycling program, which is taking place now. Through the program, they’re hoping to collect 40,000 pairs of old jeans in partnership with Blue Jeans Go Green and plan to turn them into housing insulation for Habitat for Humanity projects across the country. How's that for feel-good blues?

“Anything that can raise awareness among young and old people about ways to dispose of unwanted, old garments is a great cause,” Sevigny tells InStyle. “I feel like girls are always on the eternal quest for the perfect jeans and so you’re always collecting and disposing. This is a great way to dispose of them.”

As for her eternal denim quest? “My favorite pair of jeans I’ve ever had was a pair of Levi’s from the '70s,” she says. “They were really super wide and had stretch in them, which is rare for a vintage Levi. I had them cut into a Ramones-style straight-leg and they’ve been repaired so many times.”

Sevigny also shared her love of Madewell jeans at the brand's recycling drive in L.A. on Friday. “I’m wearing them now!” she says of their new 10” high-risers. “I’m feeling these ones with the super high rise. I love their jeans."

For more information on where to donate, visit