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Jul 24, 2015 @ 1:15 pm
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To the woman whose jewelry sits in a jumbled, knotted mess atop her dresser: Your accessories deserve to be treated with a little respect—and style! Gone are the cork boards and earring cages of yesteryear. Say hello to some nicer real estate for your baubles and bling.

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Plate It

Purewow/Shop Sweet Things

Put a serving dish on your dresser or nightstand. (You can decorate one yourself or buy it pre-designed.) Adorn it with your favorite bracelets, rings and brooches.

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Add Some Quirk

Purewow/A Beautiful Mess

One man’s oddly shaped sculpture is another woman’s bangle holder. Go ahead--put the “fun” in functional.

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Buck the Trend


Mount a faux deer head to your wall for a nature-inspired way to drape your necklaces. He won’t mind, we swear.

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Honor Tea Time

Purewow/Martha Stweart

Feeling whimsical? May we suggest hosting a tea party… in your dresser? You’ll be happy to open up your drawer every day to see tons of colorful mismatched saucers and teacups.

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