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If you’re looking to transform a room, updating the walls with a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper is the single thing one can do to make a space look radically different. And while paint has it’s benefits—it’s affordable, can be updated as often as you like, and doesn’t require one to wear a face mask when removing it—we say now is as perfect a time as any to embrace a wall of pattern and texture, especially now that there are a slew of stylish adhesive wallpaper options that are perfect for renters and those with commitment issues.

From patterns that range from abstract geometrics to serene gradients and trompe l'oeil designs that play with the eye, here are some of our favorite finds out there. You don’t even have to do the whole room—one wall is all you need for some insta-drama.


Calico Wallpaper creates the most dreamy designs out of its Brooklyn studio, using traditional marbling methods from Japan and Turkey (pictured, above). Each gorgeous pattern is created by hand-splattering dyes into a large water bath before transferring them onto handmade cotton sheets. Watch this video to get a glimpse of the pattern-making process.

Self-Adhesive Fabric

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A newcomer to the game, Brooklyn-based Wallpaper Projects's fabric-based product rocks for its its self-adhesive, reusable backing, as well as its unique texture, which feels like a coated canvas. Their range of patterns come from an array of textile designers (like Isabel Wilson, above), graphic designers and photographers (like Mike Vorrasi, below). They are also able to take on custom orders (as they often do for various event planners, galleries, and artists). Sold by the square-foot and printed to order, you can get just what you need whether you're covering the entire room or just a side table.

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3D Effect

The award for wallpaper with the most personality goes to the 3D wallpapers designed by students from the Pratt Institute and wallpaper company Twenty2 (pictured, below). Put on a pair of 3D glasses and watch these trippy prints come to life.

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Trompe L'oeil

Deceive the eye—in a wonderful, magical way—with Deborah Bowness's whimsical designs (pictured, below). A wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelf will make you the envy of all your literary friends, and her beautiful flower arrangements will outlast any other store-bought bouquet.

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If you're concerned about permanence, these non-permanent options are a pinch to remove. All you have to do is peel them off when you're ready for a change. Tyles's line of prints mimic the repeat of real tiles without the messy installation (pictued, below, top), and Tempaper carries a range of styles from geometric preppy stripes to large scale marble motifs (pictured, below left). Love being surrounded by nature? Make your space feel like a rainforest with Chasing Paper's graphic green leaves pattern (pictured, below right).

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Ever dream of owning a Warhol? While we too are waiting for that fantasy to come to life, we're going to surround ourselves with Flavor Paper's Warhol series (pictured, below). They're the only company with the rights to repurpose the artist's iconic prints into wallpaper form, and a roomful of these blossoms will make you feel like you're living in the ultimate pop art garden.

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