Cher Kim K Hair
Credit: Getty

If imitation is the best form of flattery, we can consider Cher flattered.

The star has been a beauty muse for decades at this point, and between her spaced lashes, penchant for a coral gloss, and signature sleek blowout, we often find ourselves attempting to channel the icon in one way or another. Even Kim Kardashian considers her a muse, as evidenced in her latest shoot for Harper's Bazaar Arabia, where she referred to Cher as her fellow Armenian style queen. Kardashian even recreated one of Cher's photos, originally shot by photographer Norman Seeff.

"She always has the sickest style. I'm obsessed with her," Kardashian told the publication. "To think that she was wearing these sheer dresses in the '70s and just what people must have thought back then."

Even off-set, Kardashian's bone-straight, center-parted blowout practically radiates Cher's influence, and the icon is here for it.

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In a recent interview with People, the icon spoke to her classic hairstyle having somewhat of a renaissance. "It's a good look! I saw Kim [Kardashian West] do it, and thought it was so great," Cher said. "I've worn my hair like that ever since I was a girl. For now, it's back, but then girls will start doing something else when they get bored."

At least for now, there's no need to turn back time to jump on this trend.