By Kelsey Glein
Updated Aug 27, 2014 @ 9:22 am
Scarlett Johansson
Credit: Courtesy Photo

Scarlett Johansson is making a statement! In honor of Women's Equality Day—which celebrates the anniversary of the certification of the 19th Amendment, granting many women the right to vote—the actress has designed a T-shirt in support of Planned Parenthood Action Fund's Women Are Watching campaign (pictured below). Proceeds from the limited-edition T will work to educate and mobilize young women to get out and vote for candidates that will stand up and fight for them.

"When I heard that some politicians were cheering the Supreme Court’s decision to give bosses the right to interfere in our access to birth control, I thought I had woken up in another decade. Like many of my friends, I was appalled by the thought of men taking away women’s ability to make our own personal health care decisions. That’s when I knew I couldn’t sit on the sidelines and why I’m proud to support Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s Women are Watching campaign to ensure that young women know the high stakes for women’s health and rights this November," Johansson says.

Scarlett Johansson Planned Parenthood T-Shirt
Credit: Courtesy Photo

"Women are watching, and we will fight for candidates who will ensure that birth control is affordable and who will protect access to safe and legal abortion. Women will be the key to the elections this November and it’s more important than ever that young women register to vote and vote for the candidate that will stand up and fight for them."

Johansson's top is the first in a series of celebrity-designed shirts that underscore the stakes for young women in the upcoming November election and brings awareness to crucial issues of female rights. You can pick up her T-shirt now ($25) at