Check Out These Brand New Fashion-Forward Frames From Google Glass

Google Glass
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Google Glass, the tiny portable computer you can wear everywhere, just got a whole lot cooler. What was once just a techie's dream has become a stylish statement thanks in part to lead Glass designer Isabelle Olsson. She and her team have taken the original Explorer model and added four sleek and fashion-forward frames into the mix. “The Explorer style was really built to be incredibly light, simple, but also scalable,” explains Olsson. “Where we come in today is how people can make glass their own and make it an accessory that fits them and their lifestyle.”

Dubbed the Titanium Collection, it consists of four different prescription lens frames (all priced at $250): Curve ("edgy and fashion forward"), Split ("for those who like rimless"), Thin ("sophisticated and simple"), and Bold ("chunky and cool"), as well as two sunglass frames ($150). All well constructed and super sleek, Olsson designed a small yet well edited collection that truly offers a fit for all face shapes. "We looked into what are the classic styles that people really like and then we took those and distilled them down into these minimalized versions of the style," says Olsson. "We really focused on making these really precise, focusing on every millimeter and curve to make them look perfect and fit a lot people." So if you were hesitant about the practicality of the design before, this update was made for you. "The goal with glass is to make technology feel more natural and more part of your life and make it more effortless. I think with these new frames and new shades it just kind of takes that to the next level."

So just how do you get one of these covetable frames? If you’re lucky enough to be invited by a current explorer, you’ll be able to sign up to receive a pair, but if not, head to to find out how you can get on the wait list. Also, be sure to check out their video showing off all of the different styles, and let your envy run wild.

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