By Sarah Walter
Updated Jun 13, 2014 @ 2:30 pm
Credit: Stewart Cook/REX USA; Instagram/idinamenzel (2)

Idina Menzel, currently returning to Broadway in Michael Greif’s new musical If/Then, has given into the urge all women have faced at one time or another: that of getting bangs. The Frozen star captioned a shot of her new fringe, complete with added layers, “Impulsive two minute haircut..BANG!” tagging hairstylist Ted Gibson, who in his own shot of the star, says he feels the side-swept style helps “to bring out your eyes.” Although casting news has yet to be announced for the Broadway adaptation of Frozen, Menzel’s bangs, similar to those worn by her character Elsa early on in the film, provide a peek into what the actress would look like if cast . Clearly impulsive decisions are often the best!