By Alexandra DeRosa
Jul 24, 2014 @ 5:46 pm

Jennifer Fisher started her tough-chic jewelry brand organically, after she found herself unsuccessfully searching for a special jewelry piece to commemorate the birth of her first child. Fisher then took matters into her own hands and created a piece that fit her unique style. Without surprise, friends and family admired her creation and wanted pieces of their own. That's how Jennifer Fisher Jewelry, which has been seen on Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Sarah Jessica Parker (not to mention our very own InStyle pages), was born. Less than 10 years down the road, a CFDA nomination and a newly opened flagship store in N.Y.C. later, Fisher has teamed up with mega-retailer J.Crew. And we couldn't be more excited.

The collection will consist of a series of charms and chains—which is in tune with Fisher’s propensity for infusing jewelry with personal taste and, of course, charm. The pieces represent Fisher's undeniably recognizable motifs and include a lightening bolt, a crescent charm, and letter tags (pictured, at bottom). The collection ranges from $220 charms to $1,400 chains and is available at And because Fisher's Instagram feed just isn't enough to fix our JF obsession, we caught up with the designer to talk style, jewelry, J.Crew, and more. Read on for a peek at Fisher's jewelry bowl (she keeps her everyday pieces in an Alexandra Von Furstenberg bowl—cool, right?) and a full Q&A.

How did this collaboration come about?After participating in the 2012 CFDA Fashion Fund, J.Crew approached me about collaborating on a fine jewelry collection. Being that I exclusively sell our fine jewelry through our website——I knew this would be a great way to introduce the line to a broader audience. I felt there was no better partner for this than J.Crew, especially being that Jenna [Lyons, J.Crew's creative director] was my favorite judge throughout my fashion fund experience.

Why J.Crew?Collaborating with J.Crew has always been a dream of mine as a designer; they represent classic American fashion that never goes out of style. I have been a customer of J.Crew for as long as I can remember so this just felt natural.

What was your inspiration?We wanted to create a collection that was representative of our brand, while being true to the J.Crew customer. I think this collection is a perfect mix—the classic J.Crew feel with designs that are staples in my line. All of the pieces have a subtle edge and can be worn by anyone of any age, for any occasion.

What is your favorite piece?My favorite pieces are the Tall and Short Dog Tags—with custom words. [Pictured at bottom.] The dog tag was the first piece in my original collection so it holds a lot of sentimental value to me. It represents the start of my business and this new take on the piece shows that we are always evolving. I hope customers can find the same meaning in these pieces that I have always found in mine. Charms are the perfect gift to mark different occasions or milestones, bringing significance to the wearer.


How would you describe your personal style?Tomboy Chic.

What comes first when building your outfit: jewelry or clothes?Clothes come first, and then I play around with different looks. Minimal or more layered, earrings or necklace, but never both at the same time.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?My charm necklace of course!

What are your travel essentials jewelry-wise?I’m never without my signature talisman necklace. I would never go on an airplane without it. If I’m not wearing it, it’s always tucked in my bag.

Do you believe in Coco Chanel’s rule that you should always take off one accessory before leaving the house?These days I certainly do. I have recently opted for a more minimalistic look, however my charm necklace is something that always works!

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