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Bringing plenty of air-kisses in tow, Charlotte Tilbury made throngs of beauty-obsessed fanatics feel welcome last night inside what is arguably New York’s most grand department. The legendary makeup artist made her way through Bergdorf Goodman's dazzling lower beauty level—replete with all of the mascara, foundation, and eye shadow you can imagine—to fête her latest venture, a makeup collection with vintage photos by Norman Parkinson, the iconic British fashion photographer. “Norman Parkinson was one of my idols. Every time I would create mood boards for fashion or when I was creating cosmetic lines or doing anything, Norman Parkinson was always on.” Tilbury told InStyle at the event, where champagne bubbles fizzed, women reapplied their beauty essentials, and Harley Viera-Newton spun Taylor Swift’s very appropriate “Style.”

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Designed to reflect the 1970's poolside glow that Parkinson’s dreamy lighting captured on beauties like Jerry Hall and Carmen Dell’Orefice (who was in attendance, below), the collection features an assortment of gilded compacts, lipsticks, and makeup bags adorned with the photographer’s memorable work. “There were 3,000 images in the archive, and I sifted through pretty much all of them—but, I know his work so well that I knew the ones that I wanted,” Tilbury said. “There was one I found, though, of Wenda, his wife, on the beach in Tobago (photo above, compact at center) and I literally was like, ‘OK, this is such an amazing image!’ It was a transparency and it has never been printed," she said, adding, "Wenda was his wife and his muse.”

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Tilbury, who travels to Ibiza, where she grew up, for a month each summer, explained that, like her signature Beach Sticks, this collection also helps women achieve the sought-after radiance of supermodels. “When I basically would go out there and do photoshoots with like Elle MacPherson, with Kate Moss, with Gisele, Demi Moore, I would look at the way the sunlight was capturing when we were on yachts, or wherever we were, beaches, doing photoshoots—and I would look at their skin and that holiday glow and I would [say], literally, ‘How do I capture that and put it into a stick?” she reminisced. “And that’s basically what I do. I steal DNA, and that’s how I invented beach sticks.” It’s time to shine, ladies.

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