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Sharon Clott Kanter
Sep 30, 2015 @ 2:45 pm

Designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal makes it cool to be flat by turning her signature kitty slippers into homages to rock and roll's biggest names. "It wasn't about picking my favorite bands," says Dellal. "It was about groups with strong identities. I knew that it was about taking their iconic features and applying them onto the kitty face, which we knew would work because it's fun." Here, how she gave those acts some extra sole.

This kitten's a rebel—all about tartan, studs, and safety-pin nose rings. "Being a punk rocker, you don’t need to have the kitty face standing out," she says. One reason she chose Johnny Rotten's band is because her sister is a huge fan. "They're all over her iPod. But I'm much more drawn to them for the nonconformist movement they started."

"When it comes to Elvis, everyone has a favorite song and look," says Dellal. "Mine is 'Always on My Mind' and his Vegas heyday style." Hence, these aren't the predictable blue suede shoes at all—they're velvet "for a flamboyant touch," she says.

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"I love glam rock in general for the wardrobe, the makeup, the glitter," says Dellal, who put a five-point star and red lipstick on this feline to turn it into a mini Paul "Starchild" Stanley. "This represents a more-ismore era. It’s the complete opposite of what I normally go for and I love that." Therefore, she wanted to represent the over-the-top personas of the rock stars in the shoes, with metallic silver and a pronounced lip print. "This one's less about the music and more about how they inspired the world visually," she says. "They're definitely the fun party flat."

"I had a poster of Cobain on my wall when I was 14 years old," says Dellal. "I am still the biggest Nirvana fan. The shoes are based on a famous picture of Cobain wearing these sunglasses. My husband bought me a copy of it for my birthday this year."

Each pair of shoes retails for $645. To order, call 212-744-1842.

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