The two Bombshell stars clearly bonded on set.

Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron
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Charlize Theron has the rare ability to completely disappear into her roles, and has an Oscar to prove it. For her award-winning turn in Monster, she drastically altered her body to portray a ragged and rough serial killer, and recently she underwent what she describes as an emotional overhaul to portray Megyn Kelly on Bombshell.

Her latest film, which she also co-produced, is a biographical drama which is based on the 2017 Fox News sexual harassment scandal, involving the television network’s late chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes. Theron plays Kelly, the prime time Fox News anchor, with the help of prosthetics and hair and makeup to look just like the real-life TV star. In addition to the physical changes, Theron managed to impressively emulate Kelly’s speaking and behavior.

At the 23rd Annual Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday, where she was honored with the Career Achievement Award, Theron spoke to InStyle about what it took to pull off the role.

“I think the most challenging aspect of it, outside of like, you know, wanting to sound and look like her, was to find out how she carried her emotion. There was an emotional story that we wanted to tell, and there isn’t a lot of access to material where she’s really emotional or that kind of shows her vulnerability. That was a process: trying to decipher what I had and trying to put a puzzle together and really studying her to see how she handled her heart and her soul.”

Now that the film has wrapped, Theron has given up her Megyn Kelly lob for a supershort bowl cut which has been just as noteworthy. What spurred the trend-setting cut? “I did it for myself!” she quipped.

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Bombshell also stars Nicole Kidman (playing Gretchen Carlson) and Margot Robbie (who plays a fictional character) rounding out the powerhouse cast.

“I am surrounded by really strong powerful women in my life and have always,” Theron acknowledged. “It started with my mom. I just love being around women who push me and challenge me and don't placate to me. I love women who don’t tell me every day, ‘everything is good.’ I love women who look at me who say, ‘You can do that better, you should do that better, why aren’t you doing that?’ I love being surrounded by women like that.”

Kidman was at the star studded ceremony, to present Theron with her Career Achievement award, and spoke so highly of her co-star we are sure they became work wives on the set of Bombshell, perhaps only rivaling the Jennifer Aniston-Reese Witherspoon lovefest that the Morning Show press tour has treated us to of late. “She is, as we all know, she is stunningly gorgeous, but again and again, she has taken on roles that demand extraordinary talent and effort. Rather than be the subject of art, she fearlessly chooses to create it,” Kidman said of Theron.

She continued: “Her transformations are now legendary, her performances are so bold and daring. She doesn’t shy away from hard subjects. She dives in, with intensity, humanity, depth and vulnerability. She gives so much heart to even her toughest characters.”

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Kidman said that in Bombshell, Theron absolutely pulled off a “high wire” act.

“First, in making sure that the film got made, she had to overcome so many obstacles and she never gave up. And then, in portraying Megyn Kelly, with absolute commitment and precision. And finally, in having the courage to embody a disturbing inner conflict, and tell the messy, controversial back story, without which we might never have had the #metoo movement.”

An emotional Theron was visibly touched by Kidman’s words. Addressing her sitting in the audience, Kidman said: “There’s a line in the film which says, 'We don’t get to choose our heroes.’ And that’s true, but going on this journey with you, girl, I got to work with one of mine.”

Let's all make like Charlize and Nicole this Monday morning, and show our work wives some love.