Yes, we're talking about fully disrobing in the bathroom.

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Happy Day After Super Tuesday to Charlize Theron and Charlize Theron O-N-L-Y.

The Bombshell star stepped out in L.A. on Tuesday in an AMO Boiler Suit to make even the most reluctant boiler suit adopter believe. The common fear of closely resembling someone who just rolled out from beneath a malfunctioning vehicle? Gone, quelled by an Oscar-winning actress.

Theron’s perfectly-loose-but-also-immaculately-tailored denim suit looks as though it was enveloped in a full-body hug from the Snuggle Bear and then carefully draped over the mother-of-two’s body by Tan France himself. And the accessories? *Chef’s kiss.* White wayfarer shades, a tiny black leather Louis Vuitton purse, and suede olive green booties complemented the boiler suit/denim deity. And oh, hello there, platinum pixie cut!

Charlize Theron in Boiler Suit
Credit: Backgrid

And OK, yes, this woman could make us buy/try essentially anything (read: a bowl cut), but this suit feels particularly democratic. Multiple pockets for all!

I suppose I should address the detractors: Sure, no one loves having to almost-fully disrobe every time you go to the bathroom, but this one-piece is making us think it really wouldn’t be that bad ... I mean, bathroom-wise, it’s definitely a step-up from the no-snap bodysuit days of yore.

Thank you for your service, Charlize.