File this under things we didn't see coming in 2019.


New couple alert: Two of the biggest names in Hollywood, Charlize Theron and Brad Pitt, are maybe seeing each other.

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced about the pair's unexpected romance, and an insider sheds some light on their relationship status to People. “About six months ago, they did a shoot together. So they have spent time together,” the source says. “But anything that may have happened beyond that remains to be seen.”

Credit: Epsilon/Getty

The shoot the source is referring to is a video advertisement for luxury watch purveyor Breitling, which was released back in September.

The Sun originally reported that Pitt and Theron were introduced years ago by the actress's ex Sean Penn, but the anonymous source immediately shot down those claims. “That couldn’t be more false. Not in the slightest,” said the insider.

Both actors have remained focused on work rather than love since their respective splits. In 2015, Theron called off her engagement to Penn and took on multiple mega-hit movie roles in the years following their breakup. Meanwhile, Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their divorce in 2016, leaving the dad of six to work on several acting and producing projects.

Brad Pitt
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Last year, Brad was romantically linked to MIT professor Neri Oxman, but it turned out they were just friends.

The rumors about Charlize and Brad dating have yet to be officially confirmed, but fingers crossed they're true!