Charlize Theron Wore This Controversial Shoe on the Red Carpet

Comfort over couture.

After what seemed like a marathon of awards shows, red carpets, luncheons, and after-parties, Charlize Theron probably wanted to put her feet up, not slip into another pair of sky-high heels for an event. And while she didn't skip out on a Los Angeles event celebrating the launch of Birkenstock's 1774 collection, she did choose to slide into a pair of the brand's comfortable, decidedly down-to-earth designs. Does this mean that the crunchy sandals are officially red carpet-worthy? If Theron thinks so, it's only a matter of time.

Charlize Theron Birkenstock
Stewart Cook/WWD/Shutterstock

It went down at an event celebrating Argentinian artist Amalia Ulman at Frieze Los Angeles, where Theron wore a pair of white Birks with thick, crisscross straps. According to British Vogue, it's the new Siena style, which features "elevated" materials and tone-on-tone hardware. It may seem surprising to see Theron, who marched through awards season wearing couture Givenchy, Christian Dior, and Celine heels, in something so seemingly normal, but the event, which Birkenstock hosted in collaboration with, most likely called for some support (which Birkenstocks are known for).

Theron also chose to skip out on the couture, pairing her sandals with wide-leg white pants and a Dior "Revolution" sweater, so while it was decidedly casual, it didn't eschew her penchant for donning Dior at events, whether they're big or small.

And even though they're not ceramicists or professors at liberal arts colleges, celebrities love Birks. Reese Witherspoon has evangelized her shearling-lined pair and everyone from Miranda Kerr to the Olsen twins have been spotted wearing them during their off-duty hours. While they're still a rarity on the red carpet, Theron's proving that they're certainly not just for farmers' market runs.

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