Charlie Hunnam Dishes on His Sweet Secret for Keeping the Romance Alive

Forget the big presents or grand gestures—Charlie Hunnam credits this one thing for keeping the romance alive.

While making the press rounds at the premiere of his new film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword on Monday, the British heartthrob dished on the very sweet secret to his 10-year-long relationship with girlfriend Morgana McNelis, and it's making us swoon.

"I try to keep it consistent like small amount of romance all the time, that's my strategy," the Sons of Anarchy hunk revealed during an interview with ET Online. Looking dapper in a slim cut black suit and tie with his beard and famed blonde locks closely clipped for his red carpet close up, the actor admitted that he's not one for a "big birthday present or doing any giant outlandish romantic gestures."

Barry King/Getty

That being said, the star's idea of a low-key gesture is whipping up some romance in the kitchen, as the 37-year-old revealed that he is an "excellent cook."

"Cooking, going out, buying favorite groceries and cooking the meal that my lady likes," the actor said of his ideal romantic night in. While sharing that the pair recently enjoyed a couples getaway to Thailand and that he has been taking a Thai cooking course to spice things up and recreate their experience, Hunnam admitted that he has one go-to dish when it comes to spoiling his longtime love.

"If I'm cooking for my girlfriend, she loves pasta so I normally, if I'm going to spoil her, I'll go out and make some pasta," he said. Swoon!

We'll be not-so-subtly passing this along to our boyfriends. Men, take note!

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