Let's play the Channing Tatum word association game. We've got: Hunk; street dancing; father; hottie; washboard abs; Adonis ... you see where we're going with this.

Not among the many words that commonly come to mind at the mention of Mr. Tatum is "sculptor." But his most recent Instagram has us wondering — could he be the next Michelangelo in the making?

The 38-year-old multi-hyphenate put his burgeoning skills on display Wednesday when he shared his latest creation, a 3D rendering of Pablo Picasso's "The Old Guitarist."

While the sculpture is clearly a work in progress, we have to give it to Tatum, because the potential is there. (For those unfamiliar with the works of Picasso, "The Old Guitarist" is a portrait from the artist's Blue Period of an old man sitting cross legged, head lolling to the side, with his instrument in hand. So yes, the sculpture is supposed to look like that.)

"This was my attempt at creating a sculpture of Picasso's Guitarist," he wrote on Instagram. "It's starting out ok. Then i had to get different clay for the hands. Then my daughter destroyed it," he added, referring to his 5-year-old daughter Everly.

"Hahahaha oh well. Start a new." We've gotta say, from the beard to the neck muscles to the droopy slump of a pair of shoulders bearing the melancholy of all the world upon them, the sculpture was really starting to shape up. Honestly, the sculpture is ... kind of good.

But regardless of his skill level, we're glad to see Tatum keeping busy with a new hobby following his April split with Jenna Dewan. Perhaps he's taking a cue from Brad Pitt, who, as The Cut pointed out, also took to sculpture following his breakup with Angelina Jolie.

And you know what they say about idle hands — they're really good at sculpting stuff!