By Meghan Overdeep
Updated May 05, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Credit: Courtesy

Get those dollar bills ready, ladies: Channing Tatum is taking Magic Mike live! Tatum announced via Facebook Live on Wednesday that he's bringing his beloved movie franchise about male exotic dancers to life on the stage at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

As charming as ever in the nearly eight-minute video (below), Tatum personally introduced the new cast of sexy men who are slated to star in the production and talked a bit about the inspiration behind the in-the-flesh show.

"We want to change what male entertainment has been for years—in 40, 50 years, it hasn't changed. We want to make it better. It's time. I hate when I say it, but it's time to revolutionize and change something that is very old that has worked so well for so long," Tatum said. "Times are changing, so we gotta do some different stuff and have some fun in different ways and make it a little bit more of a conversation instead of men just going up there and trying to tell you what you should think is sexy."

Unfortunately, Joe Manganiello and co. are nowhere to be seen in the video, but Tatum hinted at movie cast cameos and assured us that he would "absolutely" step onto the stage himself—though only if he's "ever in shape enough to actually do the show again."

The show, which is being directed by Tatum, is scheduled to preview in Vegas in March 2017. The actor says it will eventually hit the road, but for now they're concentrating on starting small and getting it right.

"It should be woman-empowering instead of about the guys going and getting naked," he went on to say.


Watch the entire Facebook live event above.