Channing Tatum - LEAD
Credit: Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

Attention, this is not a drill: Channing Tatum is launching his very own vodka line, and its side effects include "[causing] a little havoc and [getting] into some mischief."

Following in the steps of fellow celebrities-turned-alcohol entrepreneurs like George Clooney, Sean P. "Diddy" Combs, and Justin Timberlake, who've attested to their love and passion for spirits by going one step further and creating their own brands, Tatum is teaming up with Grand Teton Distillery to develop his new vodka called Born and Bred.

In an interview with Bon Appetit magazine, the Magic Mike heartthrob revealed that the venture came about quite unpredictably when he and a friend tried sampling different American vodkas and found the selection lacking.

"We had no intention of jumping into the business at all. We just drank vodka. That was it," the actor admitted, adding, "A lot of vodka brands had this vibe of backroom boys wearing tuxedos, playing poker. I can do that, but I wanted something that could live in both worlds."

Drinkers of the beverage can expect a little surprise inside the bottle, the star revealed. "On the inside label, once you drink it down, or if you get your eye really close to the bottle, it says, 'Cross my heart and hope for mischief,'" he said. "That's just what I want when I pour myself a drink. I want to just cause a little havoc, get into some trouble, get into some safe, manageable mischief."

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While you may be excited about Tatum's new vodka line, trust us—he's even more thrilled.

"I'm a stripper that became an actor that I guess is working in vodka," he said. "Nothing surprises me anymore. It's all shocking. Every day I wake up and I have a pinch-yourself reality moment."

Now, if only the drink came with some Magic Mike-level dance moves!