Channing Tatum Requested Professional Help to Work out His Co-Parenting with Jenna Dewan

The two finalized their divorce last week.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are moving forward with their lives in the midst of their divorce. According to Entertainment Tonight, Tatum has requested professional counseling in order to ensure that he and his ex-wife receive equal amounts of time with their 6-year-old daughter, Everly.

In addition to scheduling their time, Tatum's request states that the couple could use the time to resolve any additional issues that come up with their co-parenting arrangement.

"Due to our professions, our schedules are constantly changing, and flexibility is needed to ensure that we are both able to work and be able to have equal time with Everly," read legal documents obtained by ET. "We have had difficulty navigating these accommodations without assistance, which has led to both confusion and conflict."

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The filing notes that things haven't been as smooth as Tatum would like in the past. The documents add that there has been "unnecessary confusion and conflict" in the past and that the counseling sessions are meant to make things easier for everyone involved, Everly included.

"In an effort to avoid any unnecessary confusion and conflict going forward, I believe it is necessary for Petitioner and me to work with a co-parenting counselor to assist us with making modifications to the custodial schedule as needed, as we have not been able to do so effectively," the document continues.

Another point that Tatum's request brings up is the issue of Everly being used to promote products or events. No toddlers in tiaras here. Tatum is requesting that Everly's name, image, or likeness is protected. That means that both parents can't use her in anything "paid or for-profit," ET notes. That includes sponsorships, ads, campaigns, and partnerships. In order for that to go through, both parents would have to consent. The request also outlines travel arrangements, school time, and division of holidays and vacations.

Back in January, Tatum filed a similar request, which outlined how each parent would spend the holidays and summers with their daughter. Tatum and Dewan separated in April 2018.

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