Channing Tatum Showed Up at His Fans' Doors in L.A. This Weekend—Watch Their Surprised Reactions

L.A. residents who placed orders using the alcohol delivery service Saucey this weekend got a welcome surprise along with their six packs: Channing Tatum. The Magic Mike star joined the service's delivery team on Saturday night, going door to door in L.A. to promote his vodka brand Born and Bred.

Unsuspecting fans opened their doors to find the swoon-worthy actor on their thresholds, drinks in hand. "Going around, freaking people out, having a laugh and a drink—that's what I like doing," Tatum told InStyle. "We made Born and Bred to feel different than other vodkas out there. There's nothing fancy here." He even accepted invitations to come inside and toast with customers.

SauceyBORNBRED_01 from Jackie Zupsic on Vimeo.

The most entertaining part of the evening? "Walking in on a guy in his underwear, hungover on the couch was pretty great," said Tatum. "He's got his takeout food, he's watching TV, the last thing in the world he wants is me and a camera man walking into his living room. He was a good sport, though." Could you love Channing Tatum any more?

Watch more of InStyle's exclusive footage of the hilarious reactions, below, and see some of the Instagram posts that went up from fans afterwards.

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