Channing Tatum and Jessie J Have Reportedly Gotten Back Together

The pair split just around a month ago. 

It looks like Channing Tatum and Jessie J have gotten back together.

Following the pair's December breakup after dating for just over a year, People is reporting that the couple have reconciled, according to a source familiar with the matter.

"They took a few weeks apart but ultimately decided they really care about each other," a source revealed to E!, noting that spending some time away may have helped rekindle their romance. Representatives for the pair have yet to respond to a request for comment.

Channing and Jessie were first spotted together around October 2018, but ended their relationship just a month ago in December 2019.

At the time, multiple sources originally confirmed to Us Weekly that the pair had split, but they remained friendly.

"Channing Tatum and Jessie J broke up about a month ago," one source told the publication. "They are still really close and still good friends."

News originally broke around a year ago that the pair began dating following Channing's split with ex-wife Jenna Dewan. The couple were divorced after spending nearly nine years of marriage together.

"We have lovingly chosen to separate as a couple. We fell deeply in love so many years ago and have had a magical journey together. Absolutely nothing has changed about how much we love one another, but love is a beautiful adventure that is taking us on different paths for now. There are no secrets nor salacious events at the root of our decision — just two best-friends realizing it’s time to take some space and help each other live the most joyous, fulfilled lives as possible," the pair shared in a joint statement to People.

Here's to rekindling romance and giving it a second go.

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