Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
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Ever since Bumble and Bumble's now-infamous Surf Spray ($27; launched in 2001, the beauty world has continued to sing its praises to the tune of any Britney Spears hit that also made its debut in the early aughts. Though the original formula worked wonders at giving fine and straight strands that lived-in surfer girl texture, for the rest of us curly and coarse hair types, the product proved to be effective, albeit a bit drying. Now, the brand's new Surf Infusion spray ($29; is rolling out just in time for mermaid hair season with a revamped formula that won't leave your ringlets parched.

Surf Infusion is equipped with an innovative salt-in-oil concoction, which fuses hydrating mango, palm, coconut, and passion fruit oils with the sea salt texturizing agent. The oil counteracts the drying effects of the salt, while amping up the tousled effect, and providing protection against the sun's UV rays. "Infusing that saltiness with oils as not been done like this before," says Laurent Philippon, Bumble and Bumble Global Artistic Director. "It brings the right amount of moisture to hair, with that beautiful beach texture." Simply shake the bottle to mix the formula, then spritz it onto either damp or dry hair to channel your inner beach babe. Pick up a bottle now for $29 at!