Chanel Just Won a Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit Against Amazon Sellers

Chanel is not a fan of knock-offs, and they're making it known legally.

The fashion house won a judgment against Amazon sellers this week for the sellers making money on counterfeit Chanel products. The multimillion-dollar trademark infringement lawsuit was against more than two dozen Amazon stores.

A federal judge ruled in Chanel's favor, but the luxury brand still didn't take home as much as it wanted to initially.

According to WWD, Chanel sought $2 million from each individual seller for the knock-offs sold, but the court settled on $100,000. This means that Chanel will earn about $3 million total from the ruling.

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As a result of the case, Amazon is now required to disable the stores that were mentioned in the lawsuit and take down images of Chanel knock-offs.

This case represents a win for luxury brands in the fight against counterfeit sales.

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