Dianna Agron Offers Up Her Advice for Women Who Want to Break Into Film

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One reason to celebrate at this year's Tribeca Film Festival? The event boasts 51 female directors across both features and short films—the highest number of women filmmakers in the event’s history.

And a slew of stars came out to honor the outstanding women filmmakers presenting work at the fest during the annual Women’s Filmmaker Luncheon today in New York City, where Diane Lane, Dianna Agron, Christina Ricci, Joy Bryant, Mariska Hargitay, Carol Kane, Alice Eve, Zoe Lister-Jones, Melanie Lynskey, and more fêted their fellow ladies at the Chanel-hosted event.

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"In every aspect of filmmaking women have been the underdogs, so now its going to be a game changer once the tide switches over and we’re not considered a minority, wouldn’t that be something," Lane told InStyle of what the future holds for women in film. "Everybody is so impressed with each other’s offerings. It’s such a precious and vulnerable time to offer up your creative endeavors and so I feel a sense of honor to honor them. And I think it’s very brave and audacious to take the risk of making a film."

Agron echoed her sentiments, but suggested that there's still more work to be done. "The second that there’s much more talk of what is lacking, the reaction is that its being nurtured and supported much more than it was before," the actress shared. "I think this is due to the last couple of years and the conversations that have been happening surrounding that. I think its great and it needs to be nurtured more, and it will be." As for her advice to someone who wants to break into the industry? Don't give up. "With any new career you have to be persistent and tough and relentless. And this one more than ever you have to have thick skin," she stated.

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Hargitay also had some sound advice: "Do not give up, and you decide, don’t let other people limit you... I really believe that failure is not an option. There are times when people will knock you down," she said. "We laugh through it and we cry through it, but we own all of it. That’s what women do differently, we don’t shut off parts of ourselves."

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Well said.

With reporting by Jane Asher.

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