The company pledged $35 million in a partnership with Sunrun.

By Christopher Luu
Sep 23, 2020 @ 5:33 pm

According to the Los Angeles Times, California is in enduring its worst energy shortage in 20 years thanks to a people staying at home to stream and soak up air conditioning, wildfires, and climate change, but French luxury giant Chanel is looking offer up relief with its latest partnership. Vogue reports that Chanel is teaming up with solar energy provider Sunrun — one of the largest in the United States — to bring solar power to 30,000 low-income residents in California. Additionally, Chanel will support job training for the installation of solar panels, bringing its total commitment is $35 million. 

"Chanel's investment will help disadvantaged communities gain access to clean, reliable solar energy," Lynn Jurich, co-founder and chief executive officer of Sunrun, said in a statement. "This innovative approach to corporate social responsibility will make an impact today and hopefully become a model for other companies to invest in our planet’s future."

Chanel : Runway
Credit: Peter White/Getty Images

Chanel's pledge will eliminate one of the major hurdles that families face when considering solar: the initial cost of installation. Though solar power lowers utility bills overall, the upfront costs keep many homes from getting solar.

"Chanel strives for [excellence] in everything we create, the impact we have on our society, and our world at large," John Galantic, Chanel president and chief operating officer, added. "This innovative partnership reflects the deep commitment of our house to reduce our impact on the environment, while also creating a positive social impact through an inclusive approach that will provide families with access to clean affordable power and the creation of jobs."

The partnership is part of Chanel's new climate initiative, Mission 1.5°C, which is seeking to lower the company's carbon footprint across all operations, from sourcing to distribution. In addition to solar and renewable energy, the label also plans to invest in "nature-based solutions, like forest and mangrove restoration."