YouTube personality Marie Benoliel thought Gigi Hadid was "quite aggressive" and didn't understand her "comic approach."

Gigi Hadid reached fashion superhero status on Wednesday when she thwarted French YouTube personality Marie Benoliel (known as Marie S’Infiltre) in her attempt to crash Chanel’s runway during Paris Fashion Week.

The clip seen around the world features Hadid in full body guard mode, escorting the oh-so-bold Benoliel off the catwalk.

Benoliel’s stunt could be described as disrespectful, obnoxious, or uncalled for, but the interloper herself would like you to qualify her actions as a “tribute.”

"What I do is an exhaustive satire about our society," Benoliel told Elle. “I immerse myself in public events or situations ... to show how funny some situations and sometimes extreme behaviors are. I am not making fun of people, I am pointing how silly some people can be when they lack distance and thinking,” she explained, naming Sasha Baron Cohen as her muse.

Benoliel said Hadid was "quite aggressive" toward her and "clearly did not understand my comic approach,” but she respects her nonetheless. "Gigi is obviously sublime and a fashion icon and I understand her reaction somewhat and continue to love her in spite of that."

Infiltration being her brand and all, this is hardly the first time Benoliel has made a public splash in a space she didn’t belong. Just last week she successfully crashed the runway at lingerie brand Etam’s show.

The self-proclaimed satirist implied that she’d be back to stir the couture pot again next year, so hopefully Chanel beefs up their security. If the whole modeling thing doesn’t work out, we’re sure Hadid has a spot on the team.