What's Right Now - Chace Crawford's Mane Makeover - Gossip Girl
Credit: Venturelli/WireImage; Julian Finney/Getty Images

Spotted on the set of Gossip Girl: Chace Crawford sporting a shorter haircut. Is the transformation a sign of a new direction for Nate Archibald? Nope, it was just a happy accident. "He got it cut in England. It was just supposed to be a trim," says show hairstylist Jen Johnson of Chace's cleaned-up look, which he actually debuted at Elton John's annual White Tie and Tiara party in England on June 25th. "It's shorter and pushed back off his beautiful face. We think it was a great mistake!" While we'll miss those familiar "boy bangs," we agree that seeing more of Chace's gorgeous face is a good thing.