Celine Dion Shares the Reason for Her Seemingly Dramatic Weight Loss

"People say, 'She's a lot thinner' but I'm working hard."

When Celine Dion began her sartorial tour of Paris earlier this year, fans went wild — I mean, who else would have the gall to channel Big Bird at Niagara Falls during Couture week?? But it wasn’t just her bold fashions that had us talking. The legendary singer appeared noticeably thinner when she reemerged into the spotlight, and people were legitimately worried.

Celebrity Sightings - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Spring Summer 2020 : Day Three
Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

But Dion herself, who turned 51 just days ago, says there’s no cause for concern. In fact, it’s quite the opposite — she says the shift is due to a new activity in her life: ballet. “Dancing has been in my DNA all of my life,” Dion told People of her new practice, which stylist and dancer pal Pepe Muñoz helped her get into. “It’s a dream. And so hard!”

“I do this four times a week,” the L’Oreal Paris spokeswoman continued. “People say, ‘She’s a lot thinner’ but I’m working hard. I like to move and [weight loss] comes with it.”

Nothing to see here, folks — except for a woman living her “dream” and simultaneously setting the fashion world ablaze.

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