In celebration of their ninth birthday.


Proud mom Celine Dion gave her followers two snapshots of her twin sons, Eddy and Nelson. The occasion? Today is the twins' ninth birthday and like any mom, whether or not they're the greatest singer in the world, Dion couldn't help but post a celebratory Instagram slideshow.

"Double the laughter and double the love. Happy 9th Birthday, Nelson and Eddy! I’m so very proud of my boys. I love you! - Mom xx…" she wrote in English and French.

The post could be a tiny bit self-serving. According to People, Dion is currently crisscrossing the globe with her Courage World Tour and it's the very first time that she's embarked on a huge tour like this without taking her sons along for the ride. The kids are staying in Las Vegas, the magazine notes, where Dion just wrapped up her residency, which lasted over 16 years.

"It's time for a change; time to hit the road. So many people came to us, but now we really think it’s time for us to go and see them. So I am extremely excited to do the world tour," Dion said back in April. "I'm going to do the world tour but back and forth — I'll come home as much as possible. That’s going to be the first time that I'm not going on tour with my kids."

Dion's birthday tribute comes after a similar one posted last year. Though she doesn't often share photos of her sons, she did post a Christmas snapshot to offer up some holiday cheer.