Credit: Landov

Celine Dion just released her 13th fragrance! We wanted to find out what inspired her to create Pure Brilliance, so we sat down with the superstar to get the scoop. What inspired this scent?

Celine Dion: I'm usually inspired by what's going on in my life [when creating a fragrance]. Right now, I'm at home. I'm enjoying my time off with my family, so I've made this a very delicate one about inner beauty. So "delicate" is the word. Is this the type of fragrance you normally wear?

Celine Dion: Well, since I'm pregnant now, I don't want anything too loud or strong. I want something very very light. Usually I wear perfume for nights out with my husband, an interview or a red-carpet appearance. But when I sing, I don't wear perfume. When you choose to wear perfume, where do you apply it?

Celine Dion: I wish I could have a little mist that I could walk through, but the bottles are too small! I normally put some on my ankles, and a tiny bit behind my knees. I'll also apply a little to the lowest part of my back and behind my hair. I'll finish it off by spraying my hands and tousling my hair. Well it looks like you have your fragrance routine down pat! You're a singer and scent-maker—are there any other ventures you'd be interested in exploring?

Celine Dion: I'd like to do everything! When I get thinking of jewelry, I think of the decor for my own boutique. Clothing too. And when I think of children, I want to do a special bakery just for the kids. When I start thinking and get into creative mode, I'm ready to go. It's a good thing I don't do it all!

—Rachel Jacoby, with reporting by Hannah Morrill