Celine Dion Surprised - Lead 2017
Credit: Ronda Churchill/Disney-ABC/Getty

Believe it or not, being a celebrity does not mean that you magically get accustomed to crazy things happening before your eyes. Case in point: Celine Dion watching a couple get engaged at a meet and greet.

Austin McMillan's night was already made when she got to attend one of Dion's concerts with her boyfriend and go backstage to meet the superstar. But neither she nor Dion had any idea that her man was about to get down on one knee.

"When @celinedion is just as shocked as you are at your PROPOSAL !!!" she captioned this amazing picture of the singer gasping with wide eyes at the proposal happening right in front of her.

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When Dion started to realize what was happening, her reaction intensified and she threw her hands up in the air as she stared at the two lovebirds. "@celinedion is about the only person I wouldn't mind photobombing the pictures of our proposal," McMillan wrote.

I mean, same.