Straight fire, literally.

Leave it to Celine Dion to round out an already-stellar year of iconic fashion looks with what may be her best outfit of 2019.

On Thursday, she shared a photo of herself at her Christmas tree, with a flamboyant outfit matched only by her delightfully extra pose, with a caption written by her team reading "Is your Christmas tree decorated yet?"

To be honest, we can barely see the tree behind her beautifully extravagant flaming red and orange shoes.

The shoes, fittingly, were custom-made for Celine by designer Caitlin Doherty, who shared more close-up photos of them on her Instagram:

Recently, Dion was spotted all over the world donning some of the most talked about looks of the year. From her massive floral coat in New York City to her fringed leotard at the Met Gala, and then of course, some show stopping haute couture looks in Paris, the singer turned out to be one of the most talked about people in 2019.

If this is just her pre-Christmas outfit, we can't wait to see her outfit on the actual day.